The fisherwoman

Just a quick one for todays shot.

The Fisher-woman

This is actually a woman fishing in the late afternoon sun.


The Boys

I caught this shot whilst walking through St Annes. At the time of taking the shot I didn’t see the two lads. My intention was just to take a picture of the bloke on his phone and then turn it into black  and white.


When I brought the image up on the computer I thought they looked a bit menacing.


Walking through the park today, I saw an unusual sight.


I think they belong to a particular sect of Judaism. If I am right they are called Hasidic Jews. They do not shave the sides of their face because of a biblical commandment, which is why they have extremely long sideburns. They were speaking Yiddish which is a language particular to Jews.

Air Ambulance

As I was walking back through Stanley Park, I noticed the Air Ambulance coming in. It regularly flies really low over our house and lands on Lawsons Field which is just a couple of minutes walk from where we live.

Air Ambulance

This is a shot of it just taking off. The air ambulance does a fantastic job, especially as it receives no government funding and raises its money through charity.


On todays walk I saw the first duckling of the year. Later on I saw these lambs.


As I was hungry all I could think of was a Roast Lamb dinner with lashings of mint sauce.

Vintage Car

I was walking down a country lane when I heard a deep rumble. It can’t be thunder with this nice weather. I turned around and saw a vintage car speeding towards me.


By the time I had altered the settings on the camera, it was too late to get a front on shot. Another second or two and I would have missed the shot altogether.


Just a quick one today. After a really busy weekend it is time to relax before the big game tonight.

2012-04-15 Jasmine 003

This is our Siamese cat Jasmine. She is twelve, I’m not sure how old that is in cat years but she is quite old for a pedigree.


Grabbed a shot of  a reflection of a group of trees.


It reminds me of one of Monets paintings

Feeding the pigeons

When I was walking Ruby this morning I saw this guy feeding the pigeons.


What a great expression!


As I was walking Ruby through the park I noticed these Tulips…


After taking a few pictures from different angles. I found that this one worked best. I could really do with one of those flip screen lcd thingies because it was really difficult to see what I was shooting.