Clougha Pike

I woke up early this morning and decided to climb up Clougha Pike which is not far from Lancaster. When I got there, it was really misty. The further I walked, the mistier it got. The intention was to get some landscapes, it soon became apparent that wasn’t going to happen. It is really easy to get disorientated up on the fells when the weather is like that. After stepping into a peat bog and ending up to my knees in mud, I decided to call it a day. Luckily on the way down I went through a creepy wood, I took a couple of shots with the feeling that I might be able to art work with it.

2012-03-14 clougha 0091 

When I got home I took a shot of myself and blended it into the photo. A touch of inspiration by Rene Magritte finished it off. While I am only starting off with digital art and I know it could be a bit more polished, I think its not a bad attempt.


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