30 Day Challenge: Day 18

I woke up this morning to another grey day. I decided to venture further afield today and a quick drive to Beacon Fell proved to be a good choice. As I arrived there most of it was covered in mist. I stopped the car as there was a deer about 15 feet away. Unfortunately the camera gear was in the boot, I knew that if I got out to get it the deer would be off. Reluctantly I drove on. I parked up and took Ruby for our walk. For those people who don’t know Beacon Fell, it is a densely wooded area on a hill. The mist was brilliant. In some places you couldn’t see very far. With no-one around it was a cross between the Blair witch and Twilight.

Beacon Fell Misty 

Anyway Ruby was loving her walk, will have to give her a brush as I gave up trying to stop her from jumping in muddy puddles.


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