Another flower…

2012-04-30 Airport & Park 133

With a bit of Photoshop thrown in for good measure.

Skate Park

Cutting back through Stanley Park, I thought I would  go through the skate park.

Skate Park

It was quite eerie with nobody about.


Walking through the park this afternoon…


I caught this bee having his lunch.


A montage of some photos that I have taken during the last week.


The hardest part was trying to get the individual pictures the same size.


I photographed these towers on a quick dog walk.


I think industrial buildings make good subjects for photography and especially suitable for monochrome.

The Eye

As it was raining all day yesterday, I didn’t get out to do some shots. Instead I worked on this piece of digital art.


Creepy Crawly

I saw this little fellow in my back garden.


He looked quite cute until I zoomed in on him

Ruby in bluebells

On our walk today we went to Brock Bottoms. The idea was to get some shots of the bluebells, I was probably about a week late as they are just past their best. Anyway the shot of the day was our Ruby looking very thoughtful.

Ruby in Blue

She really enjoyed herself running in and out of the river and best of I didn’t have to give her a bath as it wasn’t really muddy.

Weird Building

I have wanted to photograph this building for a while now and today I finally managed to get round to it.


I am not sure what it is as there is no sign or anything. It kind of reminds me of the Media Centre at Lords Cricket Ground. I can see the aesthetics of modern architecture but give me a gothic cathedral any day.


Saw this little fellow whilst walking through the park.